Property Pilots Update on the 37 thrives project

Tom Endicott and Mike Ernest take flight over the 37 Thrives Construction to show how the project is progressing and to give you a bird’s eye view of what is happening. This project will be a huge asset for residents from Hamilton County who commute to Indianapolis. All of the major intersections will become an underpass with an option to exit 37 via a ramp and round about to turn right or left. There will be no stoplights along this major stretch of 37. This is much like the Keystone Project in the Carmel/Westfield area a few years ago. We expect this to have a great effect on the housing market along the 37 corridor once construction is complete.

Below is an image of the projected failure rates of the intersections if traffic flow were to stay as it was. The 37 Thrives project aims to alleviate this traffic congestion.

Image from

Along with this project the old train tracks that ran parallel to SR 37 are being transformed into the Nickel Plate Trail. This trail is very similar to the Monon Trail featuring a wide paved trail for pedestrians to walk, bike, or run. The image shows the project projections for the Nickel Plate Trail.

Image from Nickel Plate Trail Master Plan