Identification Issues When Buying and Selling a Home

Why It’s Important to make sure all your paperwork is in order

When buying or selling a home don’t forget about the importance of your United States government identification. So before you get to closing make sure that everything is up to date, nothing is expired, and that all your documentation is official.

If you are retired or if you are helping an elderly parent sell/buy a home, make sure to check that nothing has expired. Often times driver’s licenses and passports are no longer valid and will not be accepted as proper identification when you go to close. This can delay closing and have a ripple effect on the process because government issued identification sometimes takes weeks to arrive in the mail.

United States Immigrants who have become citizens must have updated passports and identification. Old documentation not showing citizenship will slow down the closing process.

If this happens to get overlooked somehow during closing, it will rear it’s ugly head when tax season approaches and cause all kinds of withholding issues which often gets passed to the buyer even if the seller was the liable party. So avoid causing yourself a headache at tax season and a big tax bill by checking all your identification before you go to close on a home.

Identification Often Required at Closing:

  • US Passport
  • US drivers license
  • Social Security Card