Moving On Up

Feel like it’s time to move from your first home to your forever home?

Many people buy their first home with so much excitement that they can never see themselves moving. Others quickly find that they want something a little different than what they expected. Either way, add a few years and a few new additions to the family, and you’ll be wondering where all that “space” went. 

Moving up generally encompasses a few things, a bigger house, bigger yard, or a different neighborhood. As life changes so does your needs, but that generally comes with a bigger price tag. Hopefully a few job promotions have occurred since you bought your first home, but you still should be financially responsible. Make sure you have a budget in mind and a list of your new home must haves. Prioritize what’s important to you.If you are looking for your forever home than you shouldn’t be thinking about compromising on the things you did on that starter house. This is the time to be picky on big ticket items. You’ll have plenty of time to fix the little things. Excitement can cause impulsive decisions, so trust your instincts. Find that place that feels like home.