The Importance Of A Good Recommendation

In a world of yelp, google reviews, and the opportunity to leave feedback for just about anything, never underestimate the value of a good recommendation. In the world of real estate; testimonials, referrals, and just good word of mouth are a huge asset. It is a priceless commodity than can’t be purchased with google ad dollars. It is the value of a person’s word from one to another in real conversation without any motivation besides spreading the good experience they had with friends and family.

The key attributes in a good agent/team

1. Integrity
Knowing that you are working with someone who has a system of business ethics just gives you peace of mind. This is someone who is going to be honest about all the stages of buying and selling, even if it’s hard to hear because they are there to help you accomplish your goals. That may mean waiting for a better market, a more financially stable time, or making changes to your home and disclosing issues that you would want to know if you were buying a home.

2. Knowledge
A realtor who knows the ins and outs of all the legal paperwork and jargon will help you avoid getting stuck in any bad contracts. They also make sure that issues are addressed professionally. When buying and selling a home a whole group of people enter your life: contractors, inspectors, lenders, banks and it can be hard to navigate unless someone can tell you what to expect and what is standard practice. You want to know that you are working with people who are wanting the best for you and not just out to make a dollar. So don’t take shortcuts and get yourself in trouble.

3. Communication
A realtor who answers your phone calls, emails, and texts is a big thing. Buying a home is a big life event and knowing that your realtor is there to guide you and answer any questions so you feel safe has huge value. You want to know that they are working for you and not for themselves. Walking blindly through the home buying and selling process can cause enormous stress. Having an agent who is simply there takes a whole lot of stress of your shoulders because they are as invested as you.

Knowledge is power in the real estate industry and knowing that you are in the best hands with an agent you can trust makes all the difference in your life and for the future business of your realtor.