Is Your Home Pet Friendly?

Letting Buyers Know That Your Home Is Prepared For Their New Furry Friends

According to 68% of American households own pets. That’s more than half of all the people you know. So when you are looking to list your home there are important things to think about to make your home more appealing to those pet lovers.

1.      Does your yard have a fence?
No one enjoys running down the street after their fur babies, so a fence is a great asset for new homeowners who have pets or are looking to own them. Having to put in a fence can be an additional chunk of change for new homebuyers and a hassle of paperwork for those that have to get approval from their Home Owners Association.

2.      Is your neighborhood pet friendly?
A pet friendly area usually has walking paths, nearby parks, and dog parks. Pet owners know their dogs can’t just sit inside all day. They need exercise and social time, even if most of that has to happen on a leash.

3.      Are you near pet services?
Most pet owners consider their animals a member of the family so just as you like to find the best care for your family, you want to know that there are good veterinarians, groomers, and pet stores nearby to keep those pets healthy and happy. And multiple options are even better because not all places offer the same level of care.

If you are not a pet owner these are things to consider when selling your house. If you have pet friendly features, make sure to include those in the listing or to point them out to your realtor so they can make sure to let people know during a showing. If you have a pet friendly home and you are thinking of listing then you are on a great start, just make sure that you get those carpets cleaned and that your house doesn’t smell like a kennel. Pet lovers still like having a clean home.